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Audit and Assurance

Our audit and assurance services are designed to give you the comfort that the financial information you receive is reliable and accurate.

Our focus is far broader than the traditional perception of an audit. Our approach gives us a unique insight into your business. As a result, we are able to make recommendations aimed at improving your business, minimising inefficiencies and minimising your business and operational risk, including misappropriation and theft.

You need reliable information

Relevant and reliable information is vital for proper decision-making. McEwans Audit and Assurance Services have been developed to effectively and efficiently provide you with the assurance and comfort that your financial statements satisfy this fundamental objective.

Minimise your risks

Risk management is essential to sustain your business and achieve success. Our Audit and Assurance Services team appraise all aspects of your business to identify and assist with minimising business risks. Our focus is to improve your business and identify appropriate risk-minimisation strategies.

Form a business relationship

We believe that as auditors and advisors our role is to assist your business in achieving your goals. In this capacity we communicate closely with our clients throughout each year, and therefore ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness in our approach. This close relationship enables us to know your business and its goals and be able to advise, design, and implement measures to prevent or manage business risks and strengthen your business.

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